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Your opinion on early care and education for young children is important and needed.  Our job at the Child Development Council is to help you know the current trends and opportunities for providing input.  A list of lawmakers - local, state, and federal - can be found in our Resource Section.  You may also want to check out our data report, "Trends and Opportunities." On this page you will find "hot topics" and public policy under discussion:

Tompkins and Cortland County:

  • Preserve funding for early childhood education through home visiting for infants and toddlers by conveying the importance and value of preventative services and good quality early childhood education.   Support the expansion of evidence-informed home visiting programs in rural areas.
  • Preserve the use of quality block grant funding for Child Care Resource and Referral Services at the local, state and federal levels.
  • Support equal access to child care by providing more accessible financial resources for low income families, increasing subsidy levels, and improving the subsidy management system.  Advocate for systems which will help legally exempt providers improve the quality of care and/or join the regulated care system.
  • Promote the continuation of Universal PreK in the six districts and in New York State. 
  • Support funding for quality initiatives for all types of care, including (but not exclusively) quality rating systems.
  • Support the expansion of funding for Early Intervention; provide input on proposals to reorganize EI program delivery.
  • Increase financial support for basic health and safety in child care
  • Protect the Charitable Deduction

New York State (Winning Beginning NY Campaign):

  • Increase investments to expand early care and learning opportunities (home visiting, child care, PreK, Head Start, Early Intervention and afterschool) for all children
  • Invest $30.3 million to sustain evidence-based home visiting program and for additional home visiting support services for our state's most vulnerable children.
  • Restore the Early Intervention Program to the FY 2010-11 funding level of $230 million.
  • Adequately and equitably fund K-12 education aid to prevent districts from reducing access to Kindergarten for five year olds.
  • Restore the Advantage Afterschool Program to the FY 2010-11 funding level of $22.5 million
  • Maintain the current commitment of $384.3 million to support PreK services for 99,000 four year olds across the state.
  • Ensure that early care and learning is affordable to families
  • Restore $37 million in funding for child care subsidies and increase the total of all child care funding by 10%
  • Support professional development and adequately compensate the workforce in all settings
  • Promote and support quality in all settings
  • Invest $20 million for Year 1 implementation of QUALITYstarsNY
  • Increase support for Child Care Resource and Referral Agency Capacity (Early Care & Learning Council)

Federal (NACCRRA Congressional Fall Campaign/CCDBG):

  • Reauthorize CCDBG
  • Require comprehensive background checks
  • Increase minimum training for child care providers
  • Require quarterly unannounced inspections of licensed providers


  • United Way of Tompkins County, Inc. and United Way of New York State
  • Winning Beginnings NY
  • Birth to Five Policy Alliance
  • Early Care and Learning Council
  • Child Care Aware of America (formerly National Association of Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies)
  • Center Directors (Tompkins and Cortland)
  • Early Childhood Development Collaboration (parents, providers, human service providers representing Tompkins County)
  • YOU! 

What You Can Do

Inform your lawmakers about what is important to you
• Make a call or send a text message
• Send an e-mail or write a letter
• Request a meeting
• Attend and speak out at public hearings

TIPS for Effective Advocacy

• Request to be included on our e-blasts of current issues.
• Join a coalition like Winning Beginnings New York, Zero to Three or Child Care Aware of America.
• Know your priorities and be willing to put children at the top of the list.
• Share a personal story of hardship or success.
• Ask your legislator for their position on an issue.
• Request an action – vote for or against a bill, add in money for your cause.
• Have information to back up your position.

Need more help?

 Advocacy 101 Webinar from Winning Beginnings or the WBNY Advocacy Tool Kit for New York State issues
• NACCRRA’s Legislative Action Center for national alerts and campaigns

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